About Me

Budding lawyer, Social Activist, Orator

Noor Mahvish is pursuing law from Allahabad state
university Narayana ucchaya siksha sansthan, (prayagraj)
and she is pursuing Mass Communicationand
subhbharti university merut.


A political, social & student activist, an orator who spreads general awareness through speeches, blogs and on several social media platforms.

Noor write blogs on educational, social and political issues of Our Country, she writes to highlight the Social and Political Rights of Common Citizen, she writes to expose false political propaganda and lies of the politician.

“My strength & my inspiration.”

“Zaibun Nisha Mother of Noor Mahvish A mother , she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take Noor say's She is my strength and my inspiration and The one who guides me, she is the most fearless lady in my life she teaches me to fight back instead of sitting and crying, at a very early age of my Childhood I lost my father, My mother is the most Fearless and Brave women she raised me and my siblings Fulfill our requirements educate us and teach us to help others who need you She stands with me in work at this age she is with me in my Field work to motivate and encourage me to do little better, a Supportive Mother is definitely by definition a confident women
Zaibun Nisha
Syed Rais Ahmed BSc MLT MSW Garden Reach Peace Movement Address f25 Shahi astabal He is syed Rais Ahmad an elder brother who supports NOOR MAHVISH in her every step. Noor Mahvish says that brothers like Rais “Encourages their sister to Fight back" Rais call NOOR MAHVISH "Rani Laxmi bai of the era" because she is fighting for freedom of Speech, democratic and human rights
Syed Rais Ahmed


Noor Mahvish is a law student who is also pursuing Journalism to curb and to bring out light from the darkness of the society, she is also in the field of doing social work since class 10, she works to amplify the depressed and oppressed voice of the Countrymen, she is peacebuilder, if to elaborate she is budding lawyer and pursuing BALLB and as well studying Mass communication and journalism, her believe lies in changing the negativity of the society.


Noor works for the betterment of the slum kids, she works for women’s Right and the oppressed voice of the country, she spread awareness of Constitutional Rights and social rights of a common citizen, and she is an orator, a political social educational and motivational speaker.

Join the fight against lies, corruption, Inequality, Racism, and she spread awareness to eradicate negativity of the society.

Noor’s Story till date

Noor Mahvish was born in a small town of Uttar Pradesh name Lal Gopal ganj, Allahabad ( prayagraj ), and later shifted to Kolkata, she started her journey at a very early age as an orator and debater, and then involve in social activism the journey was not easy for her as she belongs to middle class family, when she started steps toward the negativity of society she find that the life is not easy people are suffering a lot, they have lack of information most of our Indian population don’t know there basic human and fundamental rights


She started her journey as an orator to amplify the voice of oppressed people and later she started debating in social and political matter


She wanted to become a doctor, and she started to continue her dreams in science, later she realized that to amplify the voice of oppressed and to talk about human rights in such situation she must learn law, and so she started studying law to learn more deep about the constitutional rights.


“Every day I work to amplify the voice of common citizens and to highlight their experiences and their participation in peace building, the process and conflict resolution”


Her journey far this period was not so easy and so she has to crossed many barriers which cause her to meet with so many ups and downs in her journey, but as one says that “the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others, those who lose their selves in the service of others, they discover the true meaning of life and happiness”.


Noor Mahvish is one of those who is losing herself for others, she has the fearless voice, and the women with fearless voice is by definition a strong women.


She had started her work by awaking people about the impact of government policies on the citizens of India, then she took one step forward to eradicate poverty too, she used to teach slum kids on her school days and then also worked for relief campaign when the country needs calls for support, from Kerala to Bengal & Bihar she helped a small portion of the people in the best way possible.


She was one of the frontline protesters in anti CAA movement. She was one of the frontline face of Swadhindta Andolan 2.0 and Ekta Andolan.


The fearless young voice who exposes the lies and propaganda of fake policies, the one who thoughts and make his steps towards building peace in the society, the one who believes in equality, for her struggle for equality and human rights is still on, and her name is NOOR MAHVISH.

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