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Welcome to new India

Friends, life and death are in the hands of God, we are all well aware of this. The balance of the society should not be disturbed, so the police administration and the court have been arranged to run the society properly, and the law of the country works on our constitution, which says that even if 100 convicts are left A innocent person should not be punished.

mob lynching in india

But in this new India, another definition has been adopted loudly, which has killed the innocent people under the guise of religion, which we all know today as “mob lynching”.

When someone says about chronology

 That “India needs to understand the chronology”

Here I wanted to understand the Chronology of “Inspection officer and S.H.O Subodh Singh and his Mob Lynching”

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We may forget the Name of this brave Police officer But its time remember him and ask for the justice.

We all Must have listen About the Akhlaq Mob lynching story which was A black mark over our secularism and Democracy, not only Akhlaq but each and every mob lynching whether its Junaid, Akhlaq, Phelu khan, Tabrez & Palghar each and every mob lynching hurts our democratic fabric of India but here we need to understand the connection between Subodh Singh and Akhlaq mob lynching.

On Sept 2015 we heard a news that a person name Akhlaq has been killed by few group of people in suspect that he is eating Cow meat, at that time Subodh Singh was the officer In charge, He visited to the crime spot where Akhlaq and Danish was brutally beaten by the mob, he Took Danish and Akhlaq to the hospital he was about to file the charge sheet of this crime but at late night suddenly he was transferred to Bulandshaher.

In December 2018, In Bulandshaher Subodh Singh get a information that people are killing cow for meat Subodh Singh visited the spot with few police men, but when he visited to the spot the Mob was out of control and few group of goons started stone pelting, All the guns of police were taken by the mob

And subodh Singh was shot dead by someone

In Subodh Singh murder’s charge sheet two names was mention as Suspects who is the member of Bajrangdal Yogesh Raj and member of BJP youth wing shikhar Agarwal. The picture of Yogesh raj with a Saffron muffler was represented as hero and “The picture was tag with a slogan of Jai Shree Ram”

After the murder of Subodh Singh, the driver of Subodh Singh Ram Asarey was underground for long time.

After few time The Member of Bajrangdal yogesh Raj and bJP youth wing leader Shikhar Agarwal get bail and released, they both were welcome by the slogans of Jai shree Ram and vande Mataram with flowers

Subodh Singh’s Elder son statement was- that The Authorities was not serious about the case else the case was so Strong yogesh raj and shikhar Agrawal was unable to get the bail if it was Inspected  Strictly.

The big question arrives here is This is same Yogi Government who used to talk about revenge but when it comes to the ground level This revenge for 50-50 ,I guess

The confusion the questions are so many but who will dare to ask?

May be asking question can tag your name in revenge list.

Welcome to the world of Indian Chronology

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  1. Sayed Sharique Hassan

    Ya I was really shocked while reading this
    What a great country we were living in…..
    Very auspicious with these politicians…….

    A bit far from this topic we really very need a leader like u aapi…..

  2. NOOR

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  3. Ghofran

    Ultimate πŸ‘Œ

  4. Raju khan

    Agreed with you dear sister ❀

    1. noor

      Thank very much being a part of this site and requesting you to keep in touch @thenoormahvish


    what a great blog…
    bharat duniya ka sabse bada loktantra hai log yeh maan chukey or kehte bhi rehte hain…
    lehaza logon ke nazdeek bharat mein human rights ka kitna bhi hannan kyun na ho jaaye phir log yahi kehte hain ke sabse bada loktantra hai… actually hai lekin aaj ke new india mein S.C bhi un hukook ki paasdaari nahi kar rahi hai jiska waada kiya gaya hai or result sabke saamne hai…
    baatein toh ki jaa sakti hai lekin solution kya hai in sab chizon ko band karwaney ka…
    i think woh ahad jo gandhiji, p.nehru,A.B kalaam ne kaha tha ke hum bharat ko ek loktantra desh banayenge…
    aaj agar sab bharatiya yehi oath len ke hum bharat ko loktantra desh banaye rakhenge…
    kisi ki taanashahi bardasht nahi ki jayegi…ab jab ahad karenge tab na koshish karenge..agar maan lenge ke haan sabse bada loktantra hai phir toh saare debate mein yahi baat keh kar fareeq bach jayega… ab humein kya bharat sabse bada loktantra hai kehna hoga tabhi debate khulega
    tabhi mujhe lagta hai yeh masail hal honge.yeh meri ek adni si soch hai.shukriya

    1. Noor

      Well explained. Thankyou for reading

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