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I have question to All the political parties in India.

When it comes for marriage, gathering, events of middle class family it is Covid pandemic restrictions

political rallies in Inida
political rallies https://thenoormahvish.com/

But when it comes for political rallies from Bihar to Bengal Delhi to UP, who is allowing them to come openly on roads with political flags…When a public is demanding jobs, waving off fees or electricity bill or students Protesting against NEET and JEE, police has done “lathi charges” arrested them and Under section 124 and slapped them as a rule abiding person but when it comes for political rallies it is okay to roam with a political flags and Party workers didn’t even have permission but police will not ask them question. And in case they have permission who is allowing them?

Why rules are so different for Politician and political parties and why the rules are different for common citizens?

When students were protest in uttar Pradesh the police brutality was on hype. But when it comes for political rallies the people have to Accept it whether they want or Not.

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  1. Mohammad Imran

    Dear Ma’am,

    Thank you for being the voice of many and raising critical issues to reach the ones who understands. I really appreciate your efforts and look forward to your posts. We are proud of you Ma’am. Keep up the good work.

    Your sincere reader,
    Mohammad Imran

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