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When u asked a random boy will you accept your wife to be independent and working?

Oh! what a Thought!

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He said no, off course not this is not my family’s tradition and culture, my parents and my whole “khandan wale” will say that am using my wife’s money.

The same family and same Relatives will enjoy the party of the wedding which was obviously arranged by the girl’s family.

Will enjoy taunting about Jewellery what she carries from her side, laying down on the bed which was given dowry will not hurt the so-called male ego, but suddenly when a girl is ready to be an independent woman the world family and the boy will start crying in the name of culture. Bullshit…

What is your culture, have you ever heard about Khatija -tul-Qubra the First Islamic movement was funded by a Businesswomen and entrepreneur.

Maa Ayesha was Tabeeha (doctor).

Umme Amara (Nusa-yba-bint ka’ab) was the 1st lady soldier in Islamic history.

Ummah mihjaan the cleaner of the Masjid, she beautified and maintain the prophet blessed mosque

Umeh sa’ad Jamilah bint Asad a noble teacher in Islamic history and owned her own farm and she employed many men to work on the farm, she leads her Bussiness.

Abdullah ibn Masudi, she was best in handcrafts she was an artist.

Ayesha binte Abu bakar she was muftiya.

Umeh Al darda a prominent female scholar and jurist of Islam in the 7th century,

Nafisa binte Al Hasan, she was the teacher of Imam Ash Shaifi.

The culture you represent, the tradition you wear it’s not actually the identity of Islam, this is the identity of male ego satisfaction and patriarchy, and this is not culture or tradition this is made by you because u wants to control.

My faith my culture and my beliefs give me the strength and power and conviction the determination to do my work every day. And to feel the Freedom

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